3 Dallas Cowboys Bold Predictions for 2020

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Every Football fan, is on their hands on knees, hoping there’s a season. If there’s no Football this year, it’s obviously going to be painful, however, things could be worse. Here at Draft Central, we have to do our part and prepare, as if their will be a season. This time of the year, fans make Bold Predictions for the upcoming season. Here are my 3 Bold Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys for this upcoming season. I hope you enjoy!

1. CeeDee Lamb will lead the Cowboys, and all rookie WR’s in Receiving Touchdowns with 9.

The Cowboys were stunned, when Lamb fell to them at 17. They didn’t even have a predraft interview with Lamb, because they assumed he would have been gone. I was also stunned, when Lamb slipped all the way to Dallas. Most thought, Lamb would be the first WR drafted. Not many had Ruggs drafted first, Jeudy drafted second, and Lamb third. Lamb, was just too good to pass up for the Cowboys. Your probably thinking to yourself, “Where is he going to line-up? I believe their going to use him both in the Slot, and on the Outside. Let’s line him up in the Slot. Lamb against a team’s 3rd Corner? I don’t even wanna think, how that’s going to go. Now let’s move Lamb to the Outside. Michael Gallup is opposite him, and Amari Cooper is in the Slot. You can’t double everyone, and there’s a good chance 1, maybe even 2 guys are singled. Keep in mind you have arguably the best RB in Football in Ezekiel Elliott, so Defenses will have to respect the run, by placing more guys in the box. Lamb was arguably the top WR in this year’s class, and is going to do some serious damage in this league. I expect him to make an immediate impact right away. He has a chance to be the best WR in Cowboys history. Yes you read that right. 
2. Dak Prescott will be the MVP of the league.

I know what your thinking. No way Dak Prescott will be the MVP. If you follow the Cowboys, you know that Prescott is getting better and better. He did struggle in some big games last year, against the Vikings, Patriots, and Bills. I think a big reason for that is because the team gave up on Jason Garrett. With Mike McCarthy taking over the reigns as Head Coach, this Cowboys team is really dangerous, and has a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl within the next few years. McCarthy did an outstanding job at developing Aaron Rodgers, and he’s going to take Prescott, to a whole nother level. Prescott threw for 4,902 yards, and 30 Touchdowns last season He was 2 yards away from breaking Tony Romo’s single season franchise record. Prescott has all of the pieces around him to win a Super Bowl. Brace yourselves Cowboys fans, a Championship is coming.
3. Trevon Diggs will lead the Cowboys, and all rookie CB’s in Interceptions with 5.

Before the Cowboys drafted Trevon Diggs, Diggs layed out all the hats on a table, and asked his son “Where do you think I’m going to”. Turns out, he picked the Cowboys hat. Somehow, Diggs slipped all the way to 51. Many thought he would have been gone way before then. Diggs played WR, in his true Freshman year at Alabama, then switched to CB as a Sophomore. Diggs’s is still learning the nuances of the Cornerback position, and his upside is through the roof. He has a chance to be one of the top young CB’s in this league, in the near future. The Cowboys secondary really struggled last year to take the Football away, and Diggs will change that. Diggs is a presumed starter for the Cowboys, and I’m really excited to see how he plays this year. I think he’s going to thrive in that Mike Nolan Defense. 


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