Interview with Ole Miss EDGE Tavius Robinson

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Name: Tavius Robinson
Height: 6’7
Weight: 250lbs
Position: DE/OLB
College: Ole Miss/University of Guelph
DOB: 1/3/1999 (22)

1. What is your position?
– Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

2. At what age did you start playing Football?
– Around 7/8 years old

3. What is your pre-game meal?
– My pre-game meal consists of something light, maybe spaghetti or chicken breasts.

4. What is your pre-game routine?
– My pre-game routine consists of me listening to music and focusing on my job, and what I’m about to do in the game.

5. How was your experience at the University of Guelph?
– My experience at Guelph was great. Growing up in Guelph my whole life, and then going to the University, was a great experience. The Guelph program including the coaches and players, really is a family feel, and developed me into the player and person I am today.

6. What were your stats, in your two years their combined?
– 12.5 sacks/44 tackles/16.5 TFL/5 Brups

7. How did Ole Miss recruit you?
– They received my highlight tape, and were interested. Then over multiple zoom calls explained how the program was.

8. How has your experience been so far at Ole Miss?
– So far my experience has been great. Socially ever since I got here, all of the guys have been very welcoming, and overall good guys which made the Football part easier. Football wise, I’m learning new things everyday and definitely getting better.

9. Were you surprised of how much faster D1 is compared to U Sports?
– I definitely was surprised at first, how much faster Offenses moved at the D1 level, but the game is starting to slow down for me now. As the weeks and days stack onto each other, the game is becoming slower.

10. What is your biggest strength, and weakness of your game?
– My biggest strength is finesse/speed moves. My biggest weakness right now, is my overall strength and power, being able to bull rush. But that will come with more strength and conditioning.

11. Who would you say is your NFL Comparison, and why?
– My NFL Comparison would be Danielle Hunter. He is a tall long speed Defensive End, and plays similar to how I play.

12. What’s your favourite Football memory so far?
– My first game here at Ole Miss, coming out and seeing the amount of fans and the atmosphere of the stadium (even at 25% capacity was still crazy to me).

13. Who is your favourite NFL Player, and why?
– My favourite NFL Player is Khalil Mack because of his pass rush expertise.

14. Who is your biggest inspiration?
– My biggest inspiration are my Mom and my Dad, because they have always worked so hard to make sure that me and my siblings live a good life.

15. What are you looking to do, when your finished playing Football?
– When I’m doing playing Football, I will be starting a Landscape architecture business.

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