Interview with Furman EDGE Adrian Hope

Name: Adrian Hope
Height: 6’1
Weight: 230
College: Furman
DOB: August 15th, 1999 (21)
Adrian Hope got off to a great start to his College career. In his first season, he led the FCS in sacks per game with 15, in just 10 games. Due to his relentless effort and drive, he has earned the name “HopeAttack”. He was named a Jerry Rice finalist in 2018, and also has been named 2 time first team All-Conference. With his remaining eligibility, Adrian is looking too finish with the most sacks in Furman School history.
1. What is your position?
2. At what age did you start playing Football?
– I started playing Football at the age of 7.
3. What is your pre-game meal?
– My pre-game meal is Spinach.
4. What is your pre-game routine?
– My pre-game routine consists of me listening to music, getting my mind right, personal warm-ups, and stretching.
5. How did Furman recruit you?
– Furman got a new coaching staff, and I fit the OLB position really well.
6. How has your experience been so far at Furman?
– My experience so far at Furman has been amazing. I’ve had a chance to learn and grow, with so many guys all over the world. Furman puts an emphasis on academics. The staff and players do a nice job facilitating the environment, where everyone can succeed.
7. What is your biggest strength, and your biggest weakness?
– My biggest strength is my get off, and my biggest weakness is my coverage.
8. Who would you say your NFL Comparison is, and why?
– My NFL Comparison would be Dante Fowler Jr. His style of play, is very similar to mine.
9. What’s been your favourite Football memory so far?
– My favourite Football memory so far, would be my last sack of the 2018 Season. My Dad challenged me to get 15 Sacks, and on the last play of the game, I made it to 15.
10. Who’s your favourite NFL Player, and why?
– My favourite NFL Player is Frank Clark, because he primarily uses the speed rush, and we both have a fast get off.
11. Who is your biggest inspiration?
– My biggest inspiration are my parents. They have sacrificed a lot for me, to be in the position that I am in.
12. What are your looking to do, when your finished playing Football?
– I’m finishing up my Computer Science Degree, and I would like to work in game or app design, once I’m finished playing Football. I’m also looking to travel the world.

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