Shayne’s Top 5 Players To Watch At The Senior Bowl


Ian Book

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Background- Ian is a 22 year old, born in El Dorado Hills, California on March 30, 1998. Ian was a 3 star recruit coming out of high school and the 22nd ranked quarterback in his class. In his freshman season he redshirted not suiting up for any games. In his RS freshman season he managed to appear in 10 games, while only starting 1 game he picked up his first win and start on that day. IN his RS sophomore season he took over the starting job in the 4th week of the season against Wake Forest. Winning every game for the rest of the season, unfortunately losing in the CFP semifinals against Clemson. In his RS Junior season he started every game for the Irish going 11-2 with a bowl game victory. Ian also took home the team’s offensive player of the year award as well as breaking multiple school records. In his final RS senior season Ian led the Irish to a 10-2 record, failing to get by Alabama in the CFP semi finals. Ian was named a team captain and third team all ACC quarterback, along with finishing second all-time in Notre Dame quarterback career completions, yardage, and passing touchdowns. 


Strengths- Ian is an excellent athlete, showcasing his abilities consistently in his time at Notre Dame. Ian showed an uncanny ability to escape the pocket and extend plays, some of Notre Dame’s biggest plays came off Ian breaking the pocket and making magic happen. Quick and light feet go along with his tough and rugged running style, Ian picks up a lot of extra yards when he decides to scramble. He flashes greatness in the passing game with some wow throws, displaying touch and accuracy. Ian throws with a lot of velocity in short area’s and has shown to have pretty good touch when leading receivers on deep throws. 


Weaknesses- Ian suffers from inconsistency in the passing game. Some throws are great while others leave you scratching your head. His deep ball can flutter and hang up in the air on occasion which will lead to turnovers at the next level. Ian has a poor sense for pressure in the pocket along with a less than ideal mental clock. He can hold the ball for way too long creating negative plays opposed to just throwing it away and trying to live for another down. Ian’s size is another detriment to him coming in at 6’0” and 210 pounds he is below the ideal size for a starting quarterback in the NFL. Ian needs to improve his ability to make multiple reads. Currently he looks to his first option and if it’s not there he usually breaks the pocket and tries to create something off script. 


Player Comp- Trace McSorley 


Summary- Ian is a fun exciting player that can energize a team in short bursts at the next level. I believe he will end being a long term backup that can come in and win you multiple games and give your team a fighting chance. Some of his deficiencies can be improved upon at the next level such as his progressions and pocket awareness. Ian has a great ability to make something out of nothing in the passing game and his athleticism will allow coordinators to feature him in the run game as well. Ian should be picked somewhere on day 3 between the 5-6th rounds. I do believe a team might fall in love with his talent and raw abilities and tale him as early as the 4th round. In his career at Notre Dame Ian earned multiple awards and ended with 8948 passing yards 72 passing touchdowns to 20 interceptions, along with 1517 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns.


Liam Eichenberg

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Background- Liam is a 23 year old, born in Cleveland Ohio on January 19th, 1998. Coming out of high school he was a 4 star recruit, and the #67th ranked player in the nation as well as the #6th ranked offensive tackle on ESPN 300 list. His freshman season he redshirted not seeing the field at all. His sophomore year he saw action in 5 games, not becoming a full time starter until his junior season where he started all 13 games, allowing just 3 sacks. In his senior season he again started every game allowing 0 sacks and only 9 quarterback hurries. In his graduate senior season he again started all 13 games and was named first team all ACC by the associated press for offensive tackle.


Strengths- Liam has very good intelligence to go along with a NFL ready body. At 6’6” and 302 pounds he will be able to help from day 1. He has good athleticism showing on multiple occasions he can get to the 2nd level to block linebackers. Liam has power in his hands once he gets them on you it’s rare someone can shed the block. His intelligence is on full display when picking up stunts and late blitzes with ease. Liam has shown a good anchor in pass blocking taking a step back and resetting. He also does a great job of turning defenders and creating running lanes. In combination with his light feet and ability to pull he will find a starting spot early in his career.  


Weaknesses- Liam’s biggest weakness comes from speed rushers, he can fall victim to fast bendy rushers that can take the corner faster than him. As a result he sometimes over sets trying to compensate and can be beaten back on the inside with crossover like moves. On occasion his hands can get outside the defenders chest, which could lead to some holding calls at the next level.  


Player Comp- Mike McGlinchey


Summary- Liam has a NFL ready body with good athleticism and light feet. Starting every game for 3 consecutive seasons at Notre Dame and earning first team all ACC in this past season. He will come in on day 1 and contribute to a team, i believe he will benefit from being selected by a run heavy team. Currently Liam is better at run blocking than pass protection, while his deficiencies in the pass game can be improved with good coaching. He would benefit from going to a team like San Francisco who gets their lineman on the move and reaching to the 2nd level where Liam excels. I can envision Liam going early in the 2nd round, while he has a couple of things to work on he has the right size and intelligence for the position. A good coach will turn him into a productive starter at the next level. 



Marvin Wilson

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Background- Marvin is a 22 year old, born in Houston Texas on September 5, 1998. Coming out of high school he was a 5 star recruit and the #1 defensive tackle prospect, along with being the #1 recruit in Texas, and ranked the #4 overall player on ESPN’s top 300. Marvin found his way on the field in every season at Florida St. where he played as a true freshman. In his sophomore season he appeared in every game managing to start 5. In his junior season he had established himself as a full time starter and team captain, before suffering a season ending injury. He returned for his senior season and played in 6 games before suffering another injury. 


Strengths- Marvin has excellent explosiveness/ initial quickness when getting off the line. He shows quick aggressive hands when pass rushing, to go along with his burst. Shows a variety of moves when pass rushing from swims, rips, hump-moves, as well as stack and shedding defenders. Will sometimes use the long arm to create space and leverage defenders. Has very good instincts and awareness for the game, always has his eyes in the backfield. Marvin lined up all over the D-line from 0 technique through 5 technique showing his versatility. Does a great job of shooting gaps in the run game. Along with getting in front of reach blocks using his IQ and athletic ability.    


Weaknesses- Marvin doesn’t have an ideal body type for a NFL defensive tackle, he has very skinny legs for someone weighing 305 pounds. He carries all his weight in his top half. Thus leading to his problem with run defence, Marvin will get blown off the line if doubled teamed. He also has a lot of trouble anchoring and holding his ground in the run game. He can be a victim of playing too high. Marvin rarely gets under blockers and drives them back, his bull rush is almost nonexistent. In addition Marvin is only playing about 50% of the snaps in the games I viewed. Another thing he struggle’s with is a second move. If his first pass rush moves is stopped he doesn’t show the ability to counter and shed the block, oftentimes staying engaged with a blocker. Marvin has a history of injuries which is a huge red flag for NFL teams, players with a track record of getting hurt in college tend to continue that at the next level (ex. Sidney Jones, Jaylon Smith).


Player Comp- Grady Jarrett


Summary- Marvin has great potential to become a starter at the next level if he can get his body right and put on some weight in his lower half. He flashes a variety of pass rush moves as well as the ability to shoot gaps and be disruptive in the run/ pass game. Although his lack of power in his lower half will most likely keep him off the field on early downs/ running plays. His skills translate best to 4-3 defence where he can play 3 technique and focus primarily on rushing the passer. Currently with his lack of production, injury history and inability to stay on the field in obvious run downs I can see him being selected in the middle to bottom half of the 2nd round. Some teams will fall in love with his potential, if he can fix the issues he has with his lower half, and become more powerful he will have a long NFL career. Some of his issues can easily be fixed with good coaching such as leverage and countering/ second pass rush moves when engaged with a blocker. All the tools are there and it’s clear he has room to grow and can be better in the NFL than he was at Florida St. 


Amari Rodgers

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Background- Amari is a 21 year old wide receiver born in Knoxville Tennessee on September 23rd, 1999. He was a 4 star recruit coming out of high school where he was recruited by schools such as; Clemson, Alabama, USC, Duke, Florida St, Tennessee and LSU. Amari was the 72nd overall ranked player coming out of high school according to ESPN’s top 300. Coming from great bloodlines Amaris father is Tee Martin the national champion quarterback from the university of Tennessee. While at Clemson Amari managed to play every season becoming a starter in his sophomore year. As well as receiver he was used in the return game, returning punts in all 4 years at Clemson. Unfortunately Amari suffered a torn ACl in the spring of 2019, he was back in action 166 after the injury suiting up for week 2 of the season, showing his resilience, determination and effort he put into his recovery.In his sophomore year (2018) Amari received all ACC academic and honour roll sections. In his junior year (2019) Amari received the Brandon Streeter award given to a Clemson student-athlete across all sports who overcomes injury to excel on the field. In his senior year at Clemson (2020) Amari was a semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff award, named first team all ACC by the associated press and PFF, voted as a permanent captain, and had career highs in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. 


Strengths- Built or the next level, thick lower half coming in at 5’10” and 210 pounds. Amari excels when the ball is in his hands making people miss and showing superb contact balance and agility. Runs more like a half back than a receiver determined to get to the end zone, rarely going down on first contact. Additionally he has shown a good level of football IQ knowing when to settle into zones and become an available target for his quarterback. Amari is also well versed in returning punts showing good hands and an ability to get some positive yards. While he did not get many explosive plays returning punts he still averaged 7+ yards in every season at Clemson. A hard working intelligent player who can come in day 1 and contribute to a team. 


Weaknesses- Amari’s lack of height and elite speed will most likely limit him to the slot at the next level. He is not a true deep threat that can vertically challenge defenses, combined with  running a very simple route tree. In his time at Clemson most of his touches came from designed plays and quick routes such as slants, screens, drags and outs. His catching radius is limited and he can sometimes be a victim of double catching the football. Amari had an ACL tear in the spring of 2019, only missed 1 game and was back in 166 days. 


Player Comp- Deebo Samuel.


Summary- Amari should be picked somewhere in the 3rd round, being able to immediately contribute to a team as a punt returner and slot receiver. Although I can see a team falling in love with him and taking him at the bottom of the 2nd or top of the 3rd round. I believe he would fit best in a west coast system that utilizes athletes in space and gets the ball in their hands. Teams like San Francisco, Kansas City, New Orleans, L.A. Rams, Carolina and Arizona would all be a great fit for Amari and the talents he brings. He should have a decent NFL career and could end up being viewed as highly as players like Deebo Samuel and Curtis Samuel, if he lands in the right system. Where he ends up will have a big impact on his career, the right team will get the most out of him like Clemson did. Inversely some teams might find it hard to get a 5’10” guy with just ok speed on the field consistently. 


Carlos Boogie Basham Jr.

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Background- Carlos boogie Basham Jr. is a 23 year old born December 16, 1997 from Roanoke, Virginia. He was a 3 star recruit coming out of high school, once at Wake Forest he decided to redshirt his freshman year. His mom’s friend gave him the nickname boogie when she used to watch him as a child for the sole reason of, his love to boogie. The name stuck and that’s what he has gone by ever since. Boogie has had an extremely productive career at Wake Forest setting school and NCAA records. Such as 23 consecutive games with a tackle for loss, 2nd most sacks in a single season by a Wake Forest defender, and all ACC honours at defensive end. Through his career at Wake Forest he had 173 total tackles, 36.5 tackles for loss, 20.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 8 pass deflections.


Strengths- Boogie meets all the physical requirements coming in at 6’5” and 285 pounds an ideal body to play defensive end at the next level. He must have been born around water because his swim move is outstanding. While he offers a variety of pass rush moves the swim especially sticks out as his go to and most successful move. To go along with his quick and violent hands is his on field intelligence. Boogie always has his eyes in the backfield, does a great job of setting the edge, playing read options and keeping contain. He also showcased his versatility playing multiple positions along the defensive line. When lined up in the interior he feasted on guards and centres quickly beating them and taking advantage of the mismatch. Boogie rarely gets moved off his spot and shows good play strength when playing the run. He is a technician with an endless motor chasing plays 30 yards downfield. Never gives up and puts in the same amount of effort whether the games 0-0 or his team is down by 30. 


Weaknesses- Boogie does not have great power when rushing, rarely uses a bull rush move. He is not very flexible or bendy struggles trying to dip and get underneath offensive lineman. Has ok speed and quickness rarely wins with speed moves or getting around the corner. He won’t be able to beat NFL offensive lineman with his athletic ability alone, he is going to have to be someone who wins by effort and technique at the next level. These issues are compounded with his leverage problem, most of his moves come with him almost standing up which will be a problem at the next level. 


Player Comp- Brandon Graham

Summary-  Boogie can come in on day 1 and help your team. His best fit would be as a 4-3 defensive end where he can specialize on third down and be moved along the line to create mismatches with guards and centres. I have Boogie going somewhere early to mid 2nd round. I believe some teams will love the hustle, motor, effort whatever you want to call it. He gives u everything he has 100% of the time, there’s no quit in him. He should be able to fix some of his leverage issues with coaching, and if he can add some power to his game he will turn into a productive full time starter at the next level. If he puts it all together i can envision him having a career similar to Brandon Graham, stout against the run, sets the edge and can average 8-10 sacks. Boogie is an intelligent hard working player who has already shown he can develop pass rushing skills, there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to grow at the next level.